November 30, 2008

A Beautiful Day on the Farm...

Sorry for not posting in awhile, I have been trying to get at my Christmas shopping and think I made a dent in it this weekend!

Here are some MORE horse pictures from the farm. Yesterday was a great day for riding and for shooting pictures!

The first picture is that of a new horse, so I'm not sure of her name yet. She is a beauty though. I'm not sure of the name for the next horse picture either. The last picture is that of Bear, a boarder at the farm, who was actually leaving yesterday to go to another farm, so I caught him peeking out of the stall before he left.

November 25, 2008

Saturday at the farm...

Here are some cuties from the farm on Saturday. All the animals seemed to be pretty quiet as it was VERY cold out, but I managed to catch these guys looking at the camera!

1st-Jerome standing in the sun
2nd-Harmony looking for carrots
3rd-Torrent waiting to ride
4th-Abby in the barn

November 22, 2008

At Long Last...

Whoo Hoo!! I finally traded in my old D40 and got a D90. I've been doing research for the last couple of weeks and decided on getting the 90 instead of the 80...course, now we have to eat kraft dinner for a couple of weeks..haha just kidding. (But I did tell the kids that.)

I also got a more versatile lens for it as well ---18mm-105mm (with vibration reduction too). My last one was only 18-55mm, so this one will be a great addition along with my zoom (70-300mm).

The new camera has quite a few neat features that include:

12.3 megapixels
11 autofocus points
3" LCD screen
Live view of pictures
Video mode
shoots 4.5 frames per second

and on and is going to take me awhile to figure some of these out. I'm just waiting for the battery to charge and then I'm off to learn, learn, learn! I did buy a DVD that takes you through all the features which will help as I had one for the d40 as well.

Here is a shot of my new toy that I took with Brookie's Canon and then Brookie took a pic of me playing around with it...

I won't be able to add any new pics until Tuesday because I'm travelling again tomorrow for work...this time to Toronto!

More soon....

November 18, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Sorry for not posting for awhile... We went to the Belleville Parade on Friday night (very nice and warm weather) and Brooke had friends over too. We all went to see Madagascar 2, which was really cute. Sunday and Monday I was travelling for work and last night we went to see GREAT BIG SEA in Kingston! It was totally awesome, but I'm quite tired today.

Here are some horse pics again....Keturah's class was switched to Sunday morning because it was so rainy on Saturday and then on Sunday it was snowing and cold, so these pictures are of the horses looking in the barn, probably wishing they were in there to keep warm!

1st pic-Chinook, 2nd-Jerome, 3rd-a few horses looking in the barn

November 13, 2008

Cute Kitties!

Here's a couple of pictures of some cute, cool cats! They belong to our friends Anne and Fred and live in Ottawa and we got to visit them on the weekend. Because we can't have cats at our house (Kevin=allergies), we really enjoy our time with them (and their owners too)!!

1st pic-Mickey (who I couldn't get to look at the camera)

2nd pic-Bailey (I have quite a few pics of her looking annoyed at me!)

November 11, 2008

At Long Last...

Sorry I haven't posted in quite awhile (over a week actually). I had a couple of craft classes last week and then the girls and I were off to Ottawa for the weekend and got home later than usual on Sunday night. I was off Monday and today too, but have been working on my Christmas cards (handmade, of course!)

Anyway, we had a great time in Ottawa and the reason we went, other than to visit our friends at long last, was to see the Lipizzaner Stallions. Yep, we had front row seats, which was pretty awesome. I bought the tickets online in July and so we've been waiting this long to see them! It was a pretty good show and the horses are just beautiful! I was very thankful that we could take pictures during the performance (but I didn't use the flash!)

Here are a few shots of the horses and their riders:

November 3, 2008

A Few More Fuzzy Friends From the Farm...

Bet you can't say that 5 times fast! I'm on the mend, but still have the sinus headache going on...Hopefully sleep better tonight! Here's a few pics from Saturday again.

1st=Charlie in the barn

2nd=Finnegan standing up on the hill

3rd=Harmony the mule looking for a snack

November 1, 2008

Fuzzy Friends

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I was down with the bad cold/flu on Wed-Friday...I'm finally feeling better today...just in time to take Keturah riding and stand out and watch in the cold wind (it was minus 1 with the windchill this morning!) Brrr...

Here are some cute horses that I shot today...

3rd-Windy (the oldest horse on the farm)