August 19, 2010

This 'n That from Grand Manan

Here are some photos from around Grand Manan taken over the last few days. We have enjoyed beachcombing, visiting the lighthouses and watching for whales! We did see some from the shore yesterday along with some porpoises. Didn't get any close pictures because they are too fast! Kevin bought a metal detector and has been "detecting" along all the beaches...found a loonie and some metallic rocks so far! Whoo Hoo!

The weather turned hot and sunny yesterday and looks to stay that way the rest of our visit. We will be sadly leaving on Saturday and will be stopping in Bar Harbour, Maine on the way home (I think)!

1st pic-a bee on a thistle
2nd pic-a seagull eating a crab (no surprise the gulls are so big here!)
3rd pic-Brooke holding up a snail, who wanted to get away!
4th pic-a pretty butterfly

August 17, 2010

More Photos from Grand Manan!

That might be my title for the next few posts! I've been getting up early every morning to copy and back up my photos from the day before, during a cup of coffee and before every wants to hit the road (beach)!

Yesterday it was foggy in the morning and then a bit rainy and very chilly (16 degrees) and today looks like the same thing with the rest of the week, looking pretty good!

Now, on to the photos:

1st-taken at Southwest Head Lighthouse...we walked for a good 2-3 kilometers on Sunday night to see this vista and it was worth it!
2nd-taken at the same place, but closer to the parking lot! It was a beautiful sunset!
3rd-a snail leaving a trail--taken along the beach---Seal Cove, which is very near to this cottage (yesterday)
4th--an eagle (we saw two of them!) This was taken along the Anchorage beach yesterday, which was a short drive away

August 15, 2010

Grand Manan 2010

Greetings from Grand Manan again (I think I said that last year too!) We made it safe and sound! Drove down through the USA for a couple of days. We travelled through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and ended up here yesterday about 6pm! I've had alot of cool photo opportunities along the way too, but here are a few, from JUST yesterday!

1st Photo-Humpback Whale Breaching---taken from the Grand Manan ferry yesterday!! I was so excited!
2nd Photo-Swallowtail Lighthouse from the Ferry--it turns 150 this year!
3rd Photo--A Woodpecker--taken in the front yard of our cottage, about 5 minutes after we arrived!
4th Photo--A Crab---saw a couple of these guys down on the beach during our walk last night. The girls had fun poking and playing with them!

Enjoy! More soon!

August 8, 2010

More Cute Ponies!

Here are some cute pictures of a couple of ponies from the farm where Keturah drags me every Saturday morning. It's not usually too bad, except if I'm overly tired, then I don't want to get up! These ponies are named Missy and Misty and don't seem to like each other, because in the first picture, Missy has her ear's back----that's usually a sign! Second picture is that of Misty by herself and the third is of Missy by herself with her tongue sticking out..I think I just fed her some yummy carrots, so she was just licking her lips! I usually have to kneel on the ground to shoot these little guys as they are fairly short!

Well, this will be my last post for awhile as we are heading out this week to NB. I doubt I'll be able to post while on the island, due to lack of internet connection at the cottage, but you never know!