August 15, 2010

Grand Manan 2010

Greetings from Grand Manan again (I think I said that last year too!) We made it safe and sound! Drove down through the USA for a couple of days. We travelled through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and ended up here yesterday about 6pm! I've had alot of cool photo opportunities along the way too, but here are a few, from JUST yesterday!

1st Photo-Humpback Whale Breaching---taken from the Grand Manan ferry yesterday!! I was so excited!
2nd Photo-Swallowtail Lighthouse from the Ferry--it turns 150 this year!
3rd Photo--A Woodpecker--taken in the front yard of our cottage, about 5 minutes after we arrived!
4th Photo--A Crab---saw a couple of these guys down on the beach during our walk last night. The girls had fun poking and playing with them!

Enjoy! More soon!

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