August 17, 2010

More Photos from Grand Manan!

That might be my title for the next few posts! I've been getting up early every morning to copy and back up my photos from the day before, during a cup of coffee and before every wants to hit the road (beach)!

Yesterday it was foggy in the morning and then a bit rainy and very chilly (16 degrees) and today looks like the same thing with the rest of the week, looking pretty good!

Now, on to the photos:

1st-taken at Southwest Head Lighthouse...we walked for a good 2-3 kilometers on Sunday night to see this vista and it was worth it!
2nd-taken at the same place, but closer to the parking lot! It was a beautiful sunset!
3rd-a snail leaving a trail--taken along the beach---Seal Cove, which is very near to this cottage (yesterday)
4th--an eagle (we saw two of them!) This was taken along the Anchorage beach yesterday, which was a short drive away

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