September 28, 2015

Hartland Covered Bridge

Hartland Covered Bridge, Hartland, NB

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some photos we took on our way home from Grand Manan Island in 2014. We usually always stop at the Hartland Coverage Bridge as we usually need a break by this time in our journey home! :-)

It was a beautiful day and we walked across the whole bridge again..It is the world's longest at 1282 feet. I think the kids ran across..they have more energy than me! :-)

I'll share some more that I took here next week and then maybe some scenic shots of our drive home.

On the weekend we decided to go see the Fall colours in Algonquin..well, we were probably a couple of weeks too early...the leaves were just thinking about turning, so we didn't actually get too many photos of the colourful trees. We did enjoy our day though and walked 3 trails and totally wore out our little dog.

Sunday, we relaxed by getting groceries, took another walk at the park and I went to Michaels to check out the deals... 

This week, I hope to work on a Wordpress course that I started last week, go to a craft class at Ecstasy Crafts and a movie night with my niece, Sarah! Fun stuff!

Have a great week!

September 20, 2015

Whale Watching, Pt. 8

Bay of Fundy Whales, NB

Welcome Back!

This week I am highlighting the last of the right whale photos from our whale watch cruise. These were taken in August of 2014, while we visited Grand Manan Island for our summer holiday. We cruised with Sea Watch Tours for the 3rd time and we were not disappointed! As you can see from the last few weeks, I managed to get quite a few good shots of the whales.

Not sure what I'll highlight next week, so come back to see!

This week went by super mentioned last post, I had something booked every day except Monday! 

We enjoyed a great visit with Keturah in Ottawa yesterday, as well as with our friends Anne and Fred! We went to the Museum of Nature and we were pleasantly surprised by how big it was and how interesting it was. Keturah wanted to see the special exhibit of Animals: Inside and Out..not sure if that will help her in the Vet Tech program or not, but it was pretty cool to see! We went out for a dinner of sushi for her birthday dinner...I can't believe she will be 18 in a couple of days!

Have a great week!

September 15, 2015

Whale Watching, Pt.7

Bay of Fundy Whales

Welcome Back!

This week I have more of the whale watching photos from our vacation on Grand Manan Island in August 2014. These are all right whales and we saw them while touring with Sea Watch Tours.

These include various shots of the parts of the whale that I happened to catch...tails, blowhole, body, head, etc... I think I will have one more post of these whales, then onto something different..I'm sure you'll be glad! :-)

Well, I am a couple of days late posting...Keturah came home on the weekend and so we spent some time with her..although, her time was mostly spent with the BF. I discovered some novels on my kindle app that I hadn't read and so, of course, went on a binge and read 4 of them in a span of 4 days over the weekend. 

I have also had to re-learn how to cook since Keturah moved to Ottawa! I'm finding it very hard to just cook for two now as the last time I cooked, it was the four of us! I am finding a lot of recipes on Pinterest!

This week is a busy one with a medical appt, a lunch date, an open house at Ecstasy Crafts and a Mazda appointment! We are also heading to visit Keturah in Ottawa on Saturday to celebrate her 18th birthday, since we won't get to see her on her actual bday!

Have a great week!

September 6, 2015

Whale Watching, Pt.6

Bay of Fundy Whales

Welcome Back!

I'm still highlighting the right whales that we viewed on our whale watching tour last summer. We went on a whale watch tour with Sea Watch Tours when we stayed on Grand Manan Island. We saw approximately 8-10 whales. Of course, some of the sightings may have been the same whales, just swimming in a different area! 

This week went by fast! Kevin started back to work on Tuesday so Keturah and I headed out for lunch and shopping. On Wednesday, I managed to get some work done....on a course that I'm's been slow going! On Thursday, the girls and I headed to Watertown to do some shopping. Brooke managed to spend the most (no surprise there!) I found some craft supplies and of course, lots of different snacks and food from the Walmart there! On Friday, Brooke and I headed out shopping to Costco for her supplies and had lunch out again! We were actually all home for dinner on Friday, which is a rarity these days. Saturday saw us drive Brooke to Waterloo and move all her stuff into her new apartment, which is closer to the school! Today, is a quiet, at home, resting day! Yay!

Enjoy your week!