September 28, 2015

Hartland Covered Bridge

Hartland Covered Bridge, Hartland, NB

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some photos we took on our way home from Grand Manan Island in 2014. We usually always stop at the Hartland Coverage Bridge as we usually need a break by this time in our journey home! :-)

It was a beautiful day and we walked across the whole bridge again..It is the world's longest at 1282 feet. I think the kids ran across..they have more energy than me! :-)

I'll share some more that I took here next week and then maybe some scenic shots of our drive home.

On the weekend we decided to go see the Fall colours in Algonquin..well, we were probably a couple of weeks too early...the leaves were just thinking about turning, so we didn't actually get too many photos of the colourful trees. We did enjoy our day though and walked 3 trails and totally wore out our little dog.

Sunday, we relaxed by getting groceries, took another walk at the park and I went to Michaels to check out the deals... 

This week, I hope to work on a Wordpress course that I started last week, go to a craft class at Ecstasy Crafts and a movie night with my niece, Sarah! Fun stuff!

Have a great week!

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