September 6, 2015

Whale Watching, Pt.6

Bay of Fundy Whales

Welcome Back!

I'm still highlighting the right whales that we viewed on our whale watching tour last summer. We went on a whale watch tour with Sea Watch Tours when we stayed on Grand Manan Island. We saw approximately 8-10 whales. Of course, some of the sightings may have been the same whales, just swimming in a different area! 

This week went by fast! Kevin started back to work on Tuesday so Keturah and I headed out for lunch and shopping. On Wednesday, I managed to get some work done....on a course that I'm's been slow going! On Thursday, the girls and I headed to Watertown to do some shopping. Brooke managed to spend the most (no surprise there!) I found some craft supplies and of course, lots of different snacks and food from the Walmart there! On Friday, Brooke and I headed out shopping to Costco for her supplies and had lunch out again! We were actually all home for dinner on Friday, which is a rarity these days. Saturday saw us drive Brooke to Waterloo and move all her stuff into her new apartment, which is closer to the school! Today, is a quiet, at home, resting day! Yay!

Enjoy your week!

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