October 5, 2015

Hartland Covered Bridge, Pt. 2

Hartland Covered Bridge, New Brunswick

Welcome Back!

This week I have a few more photos from the Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick. Here are some details about the bridge (from the Tourism New Brunswick website):

Declared a National Historic Site in 1980, and a Provincial Historic Site in 1999, the Longest Covered Bridge in the World is, like all covered bridges in New Brunswick, a “kissing bridge.” Kissing bridges date back to the years of horse and wagon traffic, when young men “trained” their horses to stop about half way across the bridge, wait while the couple shared a couple of kisses, and then continue to the other side of the bridge.

The bridge was covered in 1921-22, to considerable opposition and concern, and sermons were even preached in the area, cautioning how a “covered” bride would destroy the morals of the young people. However, the bridge was covered anyway. For some years after, snow had to be hauled each winter and placed on the bridge floor to allow horses and sleds to travel across it.
This 390-m (1,282-ft.) bridge officially opened on July 4, 1901 and was purchased by the government of New Brunswick in 1906. Lighting was installed in 1924 and a side walkway was added to the bridge in 1945. It has suffered some incidents over the years, but it continues on, roadworthy and dependable. When constructed, it was an engineering wonder, much as the Confederation Bridge across the Westmorland Strait is today.

In 1987 the Olympic Torch for the 1988 Winter Olympics made its way across this bridge and in 1995 a Canadian postage stamp was issued honouring the bridge.

It's one of our favourite places to stop, either on the way to Grand Manan or the way back! There is also a potato chip company nearby, called the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company. You may have seen them in the stores! If you pay for the $2 tour, you get a fresh-off-the-line bag of chips when you are done..pretty cool and yummy too!

Well, this week went by fast. I attended a card making class at Ecstasy Crafts with my friend Laurie Ann and we made 2 giraffe cards which were very cute! Also, did some shopping while we were there. :-)

I attended a networking event for small businesses in L & A County..it was interesting and I got to meet a few like-minded business people as well as hand out some business cards!

My niece also came over for dinner and we went out to see a movie. We saw Hotel Transylvania 2. It was a very cute movie!

Keturah came home on the weekend, but we didn't see too much of her..always out with her BF! Her and I managed to do some shopping and lunch on Saturday. Kevin was sick all weekend with a cold, so he stayed home...I'm hoping I don't get it! :-(

Have a great week!

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