October 12, 2015

New Brunswick Scenic Drive

Saint John, NB to Edmundston, NB

Welcome back!

This week I'm highlighting some of the photos on our drive between Saint John and Edmundston, NB on our way back home from Grand Manan Island. I believe they were all shot through the window of the van. I chose these as I loved the landscape, the scenery or the cloud formations. As we were coming into Edmundston, we saw the clouds and rain found in the last photo! More next week!

Another week went speeding by! This week I went for an interview at Ecstasy Crafts and was offered a position as their web designer for their two websites. I will also get to dabble in photography, working in their retail store and teaching card classes too! Sounds perfect for me! I will also be working on S Maracle Designs in my off-time as well, as I love the work I do..it just doesn't keep me busy enough! :-)

We got our new flooring on Thursday, which turned out really great..the colours I chose look pretty good, now that we can see them on the floor, instead of just a little sample piece. On Friday, I drove to Waterloo to pick up Brooke so she could come home for the weekend. Her schedule didn't coincide with the train's, so off I went!

On Saturday, we had a Thanksgiving breakfast with Kevin's family. We had a great visit and yummy food! On Sunday, we went for a walk and had our Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was fun and yummy too, but I ate too much! Today, we have to take Brooke to catch the train back and do some chores, that I will not have time to do now that I'm working outside the home---fun, fun!

Have a great week!

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