February 22, 2015

Grand Manan Island Scenics

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some scenic pictures from Grand Manan Island. I have the last of the pitcher plant photos..this one shows how big they are! The next couple of photos are some flowers/weeds and then the bridge at the start of the Anchorage Park hiking trail. 

The next four shots were taken at Seal Cove. This is a historic fishing village with a lot of cool buildings. It's very scenic and especially when they get reflected into the water. 

Unfortunately, the sun was not with us when we were here this time! But I do have some that show the reflections on the blog here, if you wanted to search for them! 

Well, another week went speeding by...I worked on the JavaScript language all week and will finish up this week if all goes well..It's a very challenging language and I "think" I'm finally understanding it! Better late than never I guess! :-)

I picked up the new ride on Friday. I got a 2012 Mazda 3 and it's bright red! I only picked this one because it had low Kms..about 28K, so that was pretty cool! We put a lot of miles on our vehicles! My 2007 Honda has 281K on it...Keturah is going to drive it until it dies...hopefully it'll last a few months for her!

Well, it was a pretty quiet weekend, just a Costco run and haircuts...Brooke is heading back to Waterloo today so we have to head to the VIA station soon! :-(

Enjoy your week!

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