February 1, 2015

Grand Manan Flowers

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos of flowers. These were taken at the house we rented on Grand Manan Island. She had lots of beautiful flowers around the house and as I was waiting for everyone to gather outside, so we could go hiking, I took a few photos. And, as you know, I am definitely not a gardener, so I'm not sure what kinds these are!

This week went by fast again too! I worked on Fireworks all week and will likely write the exam tomorrow and then on to the next subject!

I've been trying to spend some time each evening working with WordPress, because I should learn how to use it to create websites as well as all the Adobe products...it's  not covered in my program unfortunately. :-(  Right now my site is on an internal server, so I can't even share the link so you can check it out, but when I'm ready I'll buy a hosting package, so I can show the world! :-)

Friday was a PA day, so Keturah and I headed to Belleville to get my car fixed (the valve installed) and then we went to Melissa's house and went out to lunch with her and Kaden. We had a great visit with them!

More Grand Manan pics next week!

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