September 22, 2009

More Cute Critters...

Hello Everyone! Sorry again for not posting in soo long (over a week!). I haven't been taking hardly any pictures lately (except for my homework and those are no fun)!!!

I had to travel to Rama again for work on Sun-Mon and am totally exhausted today!

Hey, it's Keturah's 12th Birthday today---Happy Birthday Keturah--my baby!! We just broke in her Beatles Rock Band game...lots of fun and found out I'm a pretty good singer and not a band drummer either! IF ONLY! lol

Anyway, here are some cuties that I took at the Bowmanville Zoo and the Ostrich picture was taken at the Peterborough Zoo...

More soon!!!

1st pic-Capyburra
2nd pic- Lemur
3rd pic-Deer type critter (can't remember it's name!)
4th pic -Ostrich (shot through a chain link fence--this was a homework assignment)


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