October 1, 2018

Canadian Geese & Families

Amherstview, ON

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the delay again in posting! I have no excuse, just that I was busy with my crafts and it was good to take a much needed summer break! I have missed my photos and posting to the blog however, so hopefully, I am back for awhile!

I managed to get out on a couple of tours this summer..one was the puffin tour...I have been wanting to go for so long and finally got to go and then it was too windy to land on the island, so we were just able to tour around it in a small skiff! I did manage to get some great pics though, so all is good--I will definitely try again next year!

When Brooke and Carter were down in August, we went on a whale watch cruise and did get to see some whales...we saw a pod of fin whales and some minke whales. We also saw some seals and a lot of sea birds too. I'll try to post these within the next year! haha

Today, I am posting some pics from 2015, taken at the Fairfield Historical Park in Amherstview. This was a popular walking trail for us as it was short and sweet and we always saw ducks, geese, etc.

In the spring there are tons of geese and their babies and here are some pics of them! More next time too!

Have a great week!

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