July 18, 2014

Springside Park, Pt. 3

Welcome Back! 

This time I'm highlighting the last of the Springside Park photos...Next time I'll be highlighting the geese and their babies, which were found close to Springside Park (across the river)... I think they hide over there because it is definitely quieter!

The highlight of the park is the waterfall and I'm only including one photo of it, although I do have hundreds of them! :-) Also, one of the old mill buildings at the top of the falls is pretty cool, especially with the sun behind it, but it was cloudy and a bit rainy this day.

Well, this week was pretty quiet. Loved the weather...warm, but not overly humid. The girls and I went to Rednersville and picked raspberries. They are quite yummy. I was surprised how long it took us to pick compared to the strawberries! I guess they are a bit smaller and we had to hunt and peck through the foliage to find the ripe ones too! We then went to the Mall for a bit! 

Today we headed for a drive and ice cream and went to Beaver Lake for a walk and then to a park in Tweed and then across Hwy 7 and down the Hwy 41. Picked up some Pizza Pizza for supper. Yumm. Brooke is gone to a cottage up north with a bunch of friends for the weekend, so not sure what the rest of us will do, but it will likely include some sort of walk/park! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

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