July 4, 2014

Baby Ducks

Welcome Back!

More photos today of the ducklings we saw at the park near Amherstview..can't think of the name of it, but we tend to stop there often!

Well, this week has been quiet and a bit boring too.... too hot to venture outside...I'll admit I miss the snow and cold..yep, I'm weird like that, but winter is my favourite time of year! 

I managed to hang out in the craft room a bit this week to make a few cards, walked the doggy when it wasn't too hot and did a big clean up of our kitchen area and my dresser too! Yikes, so much crap we don't need! We got Kevin's van fixed up yesterday, so we are back to having 2 working vehicles. Yay! Mine goes in for a regular scheduled maintenance today though, so hopefully nothing wrong with it.

Nothing planned for the weekend...Brooke is working of course!

Enjoy your weekend!

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