July 22, 2014


Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the geese and their babies that are found near Springside Park. They are actually on the road across from the Boardwalk..I think its Water Street. They probably picked this place to nest as it is a dead end road, easy access to the water, lots of grasses and weeds to hide in and a lot less busy than the Boardwalk!

I found it very hard to get shots of the babies by themselves as they stick fairly close to their parents...surprising because they are not "little babies" anymore!

Well, the weekend was fairly quiet. We went into town and got some groceries and Keturah cooked us up some vegetarian chili..Kevin added hamburg to his! We managed to get 3 meals out that and I've had my share now til winter...that's probably why we only eat it a couple of times/year. We also managed to go for a walk at the Springside Park and saw the heron by the waterfall..Every time for the past month that we've been there, he has been fishing there as well...I have taken a few photos (200 or so) of him, but will definitely take my camera next time we go there for a walk.

This week is way too hot to venture outside, so we have been sticking close to home the last day or so...I hate this darn humidity! Hopefully it will be gone soon!

More geese shots on Friday!

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