July 1, 2014

Ducks, Ducks, Ducks!

Welcome Back and Happy Canada Day!

Today, I'm highlighting some photos of a mother duck and her ducklings. We saw these at a park along Lake Ontario, near Amherstview. I was actually going there to shoot baby geese, but we didn't see ANY of them! We almost didn't find these guys either as they blend in well with the rocks and leaves. I saw the mother duck's head pop up when we walked by and then I spied the babies. I took a few photos until they started to get scared by another dog that was approaching. So, I'll have a few more over the next couple of weeks!

Well, the girls and I had a great weekend in Ottawa. We got to Ottawa a bit early (my friend was still at work) so we stopped by the Rideau Canal-Long Island Locks to stretch and walk the dog. It was a very cool place to hang out on such a warm day! We also went to a baseball game to watch our little friend, Lily, play her final game of spring baseball. We enjoyed a campfire, went to Saunders Country Farm (10 of us) on Saturday,  shopping at the Rideau Centre and to the Market on Sunday. It was a busy, but fun-filled weekend as always! I'll include the photos of the various animals from the Farm soon...once I sort through them all!

Yesterday and today and probably most of this week we'll be hanging at home...It's suppose to be a scorcher! Kevin's van needs to get something fixed, so he doesn't want to drive it and Brooke is working all this week too and driving my car!

Have a great week!

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