June 25, 2014

Algonquin Adventures, Pt. 6

Welcome Back!

I'm late posting this week as I had an appointment in Kingston yesterday and didn't feel like "computing" when I got home..had a nap instead! :-) I think I'm fighting off Keturah's cold!

This time I'm highlighting the last of the Algonquin Park pictures. Only a few of the last moose we saw as we were heading home. There were quite a few people stopping to take photos of this one! Kevin actually took a photo of all of us photographers trying to get the money-shot of the moose...

Well, the girls and I are suppose to head to Ottawa for the weekend to visit friends. Keturah and Brooke are sick and I'm fighting it off, so we'll see if we actually get there! So, I won't be posting on Friday as per usual. 

So, I hope you have a great week and weekend! More next week!

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