June 13, 2014

Algonquin Adventures, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more photos from our Algonquin Park day trip on the May long weekend. 

The first picture is a shot taken at the Spruce Bog Trail. After that trail, we started to see some moose. We saw these two together--in the same swampy area. The one looked very rough looking and skinny too! The other one didn't look as bad. They stood there quite awhile letting people take their picture! The one with the big antlers left first and so I didn't get too many shots of him!

Well, this week went by fast! I wasn't feeling that well all week, with headaches, then the Tylenol I took upset my stomach, so I felt rough for a couple of days too! I did manage to visit with my friend, Laurie Ann for a coffee or two and I drove Brookie to work a couple of days too, so I could have the car. :-)

I took some photos of turtles along the road this week..I've seen 12 in the last three days, most of them laying eggs along the roadside. Pretty cool! One was in our neighbour's flowerbed last night...oh well, whatever works! I'll highlight them here eventually!

Nothing planned for the weekend, but Brooke is off tomorrow, so we might get to do something as a family!

Have a great weekend!

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