June 17, 2014

Algonquin Adventures, Pt. 4

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more moose photos. These look like the same moose as last time (I think)! Next time I'll be highlighting some plants/flowers photos that I took along a trail. We also saw some turkeys, but I didn't get their photo as they were heading to the woods by the time we noticed them! :-)

Well, the weekend was a quiet one, which is always good....Friday night, Keturah and I went for a drive to Amherstview where we see the baby geese and this time we saw some really small baby ducks. Hopefully, we got some good photos..Keturah also rescued a painted turtle off the road, along the way! 

On Saturday, we all went to Kingston to do some shopping and we also got our groceries at Loblaws for a change! On Sunday, Father's Day, we went for a drive and took the ferry to Picton and back again. We drove towards Kingston and stopped at several parks along the way to check out the wildlife/scenery..... We then took Dad out for hamburgs (veggie burgs) at The Works in Kingston.  

This week should be pretty quiet, save for an appt for Kevin's van on Thursday! This is also Keturah's last week of school before exams start! Yikes, where did the year go?

Enjoy your week!

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