June 20, 2014

Algonquin Adventures, Pt.5

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some photos of flowers/plants and some scenery. I have included some red trilliums, the white dutchman's breeches and some fiddleheads for plants. 

The scenery shots are from the Lookout Trail. We didn't walk the whole trail. We actually just went to the end, where this lookout was..we were getting lazy by this time of day and it was sprinkling out...I didn't want Kevin to melt. :-)

The last two shots are of a little noisy chipmunk that was chirping at us (probably at Zeek)!

I have a few more moose shots next time and that will be it for our Algonquin Adventures!

Well, this week was kind of mixed up...the van appt isn't until next Thursday (duh!) I didn't read the date! I also had my dentist appt moved from next week to this week, so that was fun! Only a cleaning, so not so bad!

The girls and I went and picked strawberries and peas down the road from our house at Kaiser Lake Farms. That was a yummy trip!

Keturah writes two exams today and then she'll be officially done Grade 11! Starting Monday, I won't ever have my house to myself...quiet and clean! :-) Kevin has one week of work left before he is off for the summer too! Brooke will be the only one working! :-)

Nothing planned for the weekend! Enjoy it!


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