July 15, 2014

Springside Park, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more shots from the Springside Park and Boardwalk, where we walk all the time! These include a shot of the Napanee River, going towards the Falls as well as a bunch more wildflowers! Who knew there was so much to shoot. I took over 100 photos before we even got to the geese! Similar photos on Friday, then I'll highlight the geese and their babies next week!

Well, the weekend was a mixed bag of quiet and excitement! Saturday, we headed to Kingston so Kevin could get his haircut, we had some lunch and then stopped at the Fairfield Historical Park on the way home to have a  little walk. 

On Sunday, as it was raining, we decided to go to Campbellford and hit up the craft store, cheese factory and chocolate factory. When we pulled off the 401, Kevin noticed that he had hardly any brakes...Yikes! So, he drove us carefully to Canadian Tire and tried to find some place to take it, but nothing was open on Sunday! We then called a rental car place, who had no vehicles, then Kevin's mom, who wasn't home. We then called my sister Cindy and her and her husband Les came to our rescue! Yay! So, a big thank you to them! 

While we waited for them to come from Tyendinaga to get us, we went across the road to a park and sat in the shade as it had gotten very sunny and warm by this time in the day. So, needless to say, I didn't make it to the craft store because they close at 4, but we did hit up the chocolate and cheese factories with Cindy and Les! Because we had Zeek with us, we got some take-out for dinner and sat in the park in Napanee and ate and visited! We are still waiting to hear from Canadian Tire in Campbellford so we can go pick up the van...he said it should be done today! Let's hope so!

Have a great week!

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