September 9, 2012

More Views from the Zoo

I'm still sharing some photos from Wacatee Zoo, MB---I took so many! Here are a variety of animal shots, taken throughout the zoo.
1st-a chicken wandering around-you could feed them and we did
2nd- a grey squirrel-we fed him too
3rd & 4th-small pig like creatures called Pecaries. They were so cute when they were running around!
5th-a little island in the area where the egrets were...can you see 2 turtles and an alligator?
6th-another little island in the area where the egrets were--includes a sleepy juvenile alligator
7th-a curious ostrich looking for a snack
8th-a zebra taking it easy-the rest of them were running around

Enjoy! More next week!


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