November 8, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt. 8

Welcome Back!

This time I have more shots of the animals I showed off last time...the babies---wallaby and leopard. They are just so cute! Not sure what it is with baby animals...but they are so sweet!

This week I'm testing out the Photoshop program while editing these photos, so hopefully they look alright. I've been using Photoshop Elements for so many years and now that I'm learning Photoshop at school I thought I'd try editing my photos using this full version! They look okay on screen, but once you resize them and save them and then post them into blogger, who knows what they'll look like! :-)

School is going well and I've been working on a lot of projects using Photoshop. On Monday I get to work on a cover for a visitor's guide and thought I'd do one for Grand Manan--my favourite place and future home! Speaking of home, we've been doing a major clear out of our basement and crawl, I only helped yesterday and I'm wiped..thank goodness Kevin's been doing most of it! It will be worth it if we decide to sell!

We also headed to Ottawa on Thursday...We took Keturah to the Open House at Algonquin College..we went up early (after school) and had dinner with friends..hung out at Algonquin, went for a tour of the Vet Tech building, stopped back at our friends for another visit and got home at 12:30! Glad I didn't have school on Friday...I also let Keturah sleep in a bit!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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