November 1, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt. 7

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more animals from the Saunders Country Critters Zoo and Garden Center in Ottawa, Ontario.

These include another shot of the baby wallaby, tucked into a little pouch. He seemed to really like it! The other shots are of a cute, little baby leopard. He was just having his snack, so he had to finish that before he socialized with his visitors! He was so sweet and so soft too! I didn't stop smiling the whole time! 

Well, school is still going well. I am now working in Photoshop---ahh..the fun stuff, finally! This week was pretty tiring as my car died on me on Sunday ...Only a sensor, but an expensive one! But, at least it wasn't the transmission, which we thought it was...After picking it up and it dying on us again, I finally picked it up Friday night! Of course, this was Kevin's week working at QMS, so I had to drive him to work and then drive to Kingston to school! Lots of driving!

On a good note, I got to spend Friday with my good friend, Gia, shopping in Kingston, coffee and lunch too! I also got to visit with Lynn and Dave and see their Christmas Shop, which opened today!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and more animal shots next week!

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