November 14, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt.9

Welcome Back!

This week I'm including more shots from the Saunders Country Zoo. These include the baby leopard checking out a sheep, some serval cats (they are for sale here too), donkeys, the horse and yak and a tortoise---I told you they had a variety of critters here!

Next time I'll have a few more photos from the Saunders Country Zoo and then that will be it! I'll have to start highlighting something else!

Well, this week went by quite fast...Lots of learning going on at school..I come home and my brain is full! :-) I started Adobe Illustrator this week, which is as challenging as Photoshop.

Glad I had today do laundry, dishes and cleaning...Keturah went for her Driver's license today and got it on the first try---there goes my car! 

Not much planned for the weekend..probably do some homework and more cleaning and packing up my craft stuff! Kevin is back at QMS full time on Monday, so we will only have nights and weekends to work on the house.

Enjoy your weekend!

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