July 19, 2009

Great Blue Heron....

Here are some shots of my favourite local wildlife--the Great Blue Heron. He was fishing, down at the waterfall again a couple of weeks ago, so here are some shots from that day! Enjoy!

The countdown is on for our holiday!! We are leaving next Sunday to go to Tadoussac in Quebec. We are staying overnight at Mont St Anne, as it is a 9 hour drive to Tadoussac. At Mont St Anne, we hope to visit the Canyon there and do some hiking. There is also a place called The 7 Waterfalls, which we may visit too. Then on to Tadoussac, where we plan to go whale watching on the St. Lawrence River. We did this a couple of years ago and it was a nice scenic, relaxing holiday.... After that, we may head over to New Brunswick, since we'll be fairly close to it and we didn't get to see much of NB last year, when we were down east.

I hope to post shots if time and internet connections permit! Since we are driving the mini-van, I will likely bring my own laptop so that I can backup and edit my photos each day!

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