July 12, 2009

Some Critters You Might Not See Everyday...

Sorry for not posting in over a week...wow, the longest I've ever gone...No excuse, really, just lazy..well, uninspired anyway! I need to get out and shoot some wildlife sometime soon! Keturah hasn't been going riding the last couple of weeks either, so it's been slow for my photography!

Here are some pictures taken at the Toronto Zoo, when I went with Keturah on her school trip on June 23...didn't get as many good pics as I would have liked because had to keep my eye on 6 kids! Oh well, they weren't too bad!

1st pic-a stingray....hard too shoot because they are underwater, but this one was waving as he swam by

2nd pic-sacred ibis...a cool looking bird

3rd pic-groundhog...you might see these around...we never see these around this area for some reason...we do see a lot of these critters, in Ottawa, of all places..yep, on street corners!!! :-)

4th pic-alpaca-there are a few of these around this area, but this guy looked so cute with his haircut!

5th pic-chameleon---I love these guys! I would love to buy one for home..maybe someday!


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