August 12, 2008

A Hiking We Will Go...

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've been copying vacation pictures to my USB key so I could get them printed. Doesn't sound that time consuming, but when you have 300-500/day for 14 days and then trying to narrow it down to 200-300, it takes awhile!! I did narrow it down to 260 and got them printed at Walmart last night. They turned out pretty good!

Anyway, on Sunday we headed to Lemoine's Point in Kingston to do some hiking since we haven't been there in so long and it was such a beautiful day! During the walk, we saw, frogs, blue jays, turtle, chipmunks and fed the ducks. Here are a few pics from our walk:

1st-a very small painted turtle (he was about 5 inches long)
2nd-a chipmunk eating our sunflower seeds
3rd-a duck waiting for some seeds too

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