August 5, 2008

We're Home!

Our flight was delayed about 1 hour yesterday, but we eventually got home...Thanks to our bird-sitters, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Les, who babysat Wyatt, Sylvester and Shania for us!! And for the yummy home-cooked dinner last night! We appreciated it!!!

On Sunday, we drove around the Cabot Trail. We left at 8:30am in the morning from Sydney, Nova Scotia, drove over to Ingonish Beach, which is the first picture below and then continued driving...lots of mountains, going up and then down and all right close to the water---Yep, I'm scared of heights too, especially with the water so close to the edge! I kept telling Kevin to slow down!!

The second picture below is that of Nothern Gannets. They are cool birds which fly around watching the water for fish, hover for a bit and then dive down into the water...They are very funny to watch. We saw them at Pleasant Bay, where we stopped at the Whale Interpretive Centre to stretch our legs.

The third picture is that of a little bird we saw on the Skyline Trail, when we stopped to hike. We hiked for 2 hours as we were told this is the trail where you are GUARANTEED to see Moose...Guess what, we didn't see ANY moose!!! Everyone coming out of the trail said they saw a mother and baby and another guy said he saw 5 of them...I think they are full of it! I don't think these Moose even exist! Everywhere we've gone, they say the moose is hiding because they are so shy---yeah, sure they are!

Anyway, we couldn't really afford to hike for 2 hours, so after that we had to keep driving as we were still 5 hours away from Halifax and we had a plane to catch in the morning! (We got to our hotel at 10pm)

So the next four pictures are just scenic pictures from the Cabot Trail, where we stopped (probably at various lookouts, where we stretched our legs!)

We did eventually see a couple of moose or we think they were--well the back-end of them as they disappeared into the woods...So, no pictures of the moose...maybe next time!

Thanks for reading and commenting about our travels and pictures! See you all soon!


Paige said...

im so glad your home!

Sue said...

Thanks we are too (well, kind of)!!