August 13, 2008

My Soccer Star!

Here's a couple of pics of Brookie and the soccer net with the sun setting in the background (an artsy-type photo). These were taken last week at Brookie's soccer game, where they had a tie game for their first playoff game. They have been doing well since they got the new coach a few weeks ago. The team won the two games they played when we were on holidays too. They won on Monday night and again tonight and have moved from last place to 3rd place. Way to go team Canadian Tire!

I've FINALLY had time to play around with the blog features today at lunch and then tonight after dinner and have added a few new elements, such as

  • a slideshow of my pics
  • my list of favourite sites (more to come!)
  • a poll---this week: what type of camera do you use?
  • blog catalog, which is a cool site where you can search all blogs to find one or many with topics you are interested in
  • a favourite picture of mine (Casey the foal), which I will update weekly.
Hope you like the changes!

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