February 11, 2013

More Garden Shots from Strawberry Banke Museum

Welcome Back!

This week I'm including more photos of foliage and flowers from the Strawberry Banke Museum.

I'm posting while I'm on the road this week! I brought everything I needed to do my weekly update, as I didn't have much time on the weekend for my weekly post! We had a family dinner on Saturday with Kevin's family, along with laundry and packing and then my drive to London on Sunday afternoon! The weekends go by so fast...the only good thing was that my trip to Rama last week was cancelled due to the nasty weather! We also closed on Friday due to weather so I had a quiet day at home snuggling with my pup!

Anyway, I'm here teaching in Oneida all week and then will have 5 days off...I can't wait! 

More flowers next week! 

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