June 10, 2012

Birds of Presquile

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing some photos of birds that I took at Presquile Park a couple of weeks ago.

1st pic-a bunch of swans flying overhead...
2nd pic-a cute swan family with 2 babies just grabbing a snack in this swampy area
3rd pic-another swan family with 4 babies. I took about 100 photos of these guys and this is the best photo I got---try getting 1 decent photo of the 6 of them! This is why I do not shoot portraits!
4th pic-a lone swan near the entrance of the park
5th pic-a hummingbird getting a snack
6th pic-the same bird having a SHORT rest on a branch after snacking-these are the ONLY shots I've ever gotten of a hummingbird...they are just too darn fast, or I'm too slow!
7th pic-a warbler of some kind, having a short break after eating at the bird feeder

Have a great week!

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