July 29, 2008

Another Busy Day!

I think we'll have to go back to work to get a rest!!! We are all enjoying ourselves so much and wondering if we should move down here! It would be nice! All this awesome scenery and the people are as nice as everyone says too!

Today we travelled towards the PEI Ferry to go back to Nova Scotia as we want to go to Cape Breton Island. So, we stopped in Charlottetown to stretch our legs, have some lunch and do some souvenir shopping in the little shops there.

We also visited Sand Land, which has a lot of Sand Sculptures made with the red PEI sand by artists from BC to Moscow...They are soo talented!

We left Charlottetown and went to Brackley Beach to go to Mill Stream Trail Rides...Yep, Keturah talked us into it...We ended up having fun and our guide who took us along the water and through the woods, asked if I was an experienced rider because of the way I handled my horse---I guess those lessons for Keturah are paying off all around..I had fun, but I hope I can walk tomorrow!

We then headed to the PEI Ferry and caught the 6pm one...it was VERY big...it holds about 315 cars. It was a 75 minute ride, but it seemed to go by fast. We had a COWS Ice Cream while we waited, walked around, took some pictures, etc, etc. Kevin and Keturah saw some porpoises from the Ferry, but I didn't see them!

We then landed in a small town called Pictou...We had some dinner at Tim Hortons as we were getting hungry by 7:30pm!

We then headed to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia to find a hotel. We had trouble finding a hotel, the first two we tried had no vacancy, and then when we did get a reservation, we couldn't find the hotel, but eventually we did...It just opened last week and is awesome--very nice and new- smelling! It's address is Stellarton, N.S. and is a Holiday Inn Express.

The gang are gone swimming again, but I'm not feeling well tonight, so am staying in the hotel room and enjoying the peace and quiet!

Here are today's pictures:

1st-a Sand Sculpture of two whales

2nd-Keturah picking up a lobster at the touch tank (on the street in Charlottetown)

3rd-A big scary lobster I found in the gift shop

4th-Brooke of Green Gables (she didn't buy the cute hat, just tried it on!)

5th-Keturah wanted me to take a picture of her funny T-shirt

6th-Horses waiting to be ridden at the Trail Ride today

7th-A PEI lighthouse taken from the Ferry

8th-A Ferry that we passed along the way--ours was very similar to it


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! See you soon! Jen

paige said...

Nice hair brookie,hahaha,the lobster hat thing.lol.