July 4, 2008

It's FRIDAY....

AT LONG LAST! For such a short week, it sure felt long!

During our hike last night, we only saw ducks and more ducks!!! So, I, of course, took about 200 pics, because you can really not ever have enough duck pictures, right?

Anyway today's pictures include ones from Canada Day when we went to Lemoine's Point and Confederation Park in Kingston.

1st-Chipmunk at Lemoine's
2nd-Grey Squirrel at Lemoine's (the pic is NOT sideways, he was actually peeking around the side of the tree!)
3rd-Black Squirrel at Lemoine's
4th-Goose at Confederation Park
5th-Lighthouse, taken from Confederation Park (Kingston Waterfront)


Melissa said...

Hey! These look like postcards girl! I'm getting addicted to looking at your photos all the time now!

Susan Maracle said...

Thanks! I'm learning a lot as I go along!