July 20, 2008

From the Farm...

I took Keturah to the farm for her horse riding lesson and took about 300 pictures while we were there! It was VERY hot there though. I also gave out mints to a few of the critters.

Here are some of my favourite pics:

1st-donkey noses--they were smelling for the mints
2nd-Keturah and Abby enjoying the jumping
3rd-the Foal, Casey
4th-Neeko (I think that's his name), the dog
5th-Andy-who has a sore leg and has to be segregated

I have all my laundry done and am ALMOST packed...it's very hard to know what to take and how much to take for two weeks of travelling. Luckily I have a very big suitcase.

Well, I'm off to have a coffee and then get ready to head to the big city!

I'll post if I can (Kevin's bringing his laptop)! I will also be checking my email if internet is available!

Have a great two weeks!

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