July 26, 2008

Back to Civilization!!!

Well, Brier Island certainly took us back to "nature" and back to the 1800s,if you ask me--- without any Internet connection at all (not even in the lounge), NO Pool and NO Air Conditioning...I don't know how we survived two days and two nights there!!! heehee Well, they did provide us with our very own fan and we got to listen to a fog horn go off every 30 seconds or so to make sleeping really comfy.

The weather was really interesting there, one minute it would be foggy and you couldn't see a thing, next minute, sunny and you couldn't see a thing, then it would be a light mist and that changed every 10 minutes or so...The tides have been very interesting to watch too!

We did some hiking while we were there too. But, to view the seals in Seal Cove, we had to walk about 2kms in brush through a path that looked like it hadn't been used in years! Needless to say, I didn't enjoy that hike, even less, when I got bit by some sort of bug and my arm is still red, itchy and swollen..oh great! But, on a good note, we saw about 6 seals in the cove.

The island was quite smaller than I expected being only 2.5 kilometres by 6.5 kilometres long. It boasts a couple of gift stores, a lighthouse cafe, a general store (which did have internet for $3/half hour) and a couple of Whale Watching Cruises. We ate Breakfast and Dinner at the Brier Island Lodge where we stayed and lunch down at the Cafe.

Yesterday we went on a Whale Watching Cruise...probably, not the best day to go as it was overcast and foggy, but they said they were still going out. Little did we know they hardly ever cancel and the big 3 ft waves out in the Bay of Fundy, was "normal" to them. The first hour was okay, terrifying at times, but okay on everyone's stomachs, until about 1.5 hours into the cruise, when Kevin was feeling sick and another family were all feeling ill too, but the crew member just laughed and said make sure to get sick over the side. I guess it happens all the time. Kevin eventually felt better after standing for awhile, but the mother of the other family was getting sick (over the side of the boat). I'm sure she didn't enjoy the cruise!

Keturah and I were scared, because the boat was really pitching back and forth and when we sighted whales in the distance, our kamikazee captain gunned the boat so we'd get over to see them faster...I was scared to stand up as everyone went flying when he gunned it and I'm not really a boat person anyway...but my breakfast stayed down, so I was happy about that!

On the good side of things, I did manage to get some pictures of the whales. We only saw Humpbacks, but we probably saw about 6-8 different ones. We also saw some seals too. We caught the whales breaching too (jumping out of the water) and the crew member said that it doesn't happen very often and this is her first viewing of them doing that this season so far! My pictures are a bit foggy as that is the type of day it was and then of course, my lens was fogging up too as well as my sunglasses!!!

We watched alot of CSI in the evenings and last night they had a Whale Presentation in the Lounge, which was quite entertaining!

So, today we left as FAST as we could get off the island....like the title says, back to civilization!

We went hiking at the Blancing Rock Trail (I'll post those cool pictures soon) and then to Upper Clements Wildlife Park and Amusement Park..It was very hot today, but it was nice to see the animals..I will post them soon too.

We are now in Windsor, NS at the Super 8 and the kids and Kevin are hanging out in the Jacuzzi and the pool and I'm sitting here watching them and updating my blog, copying pictures to the hard drive and checking emails...

Tomorrow we are off to PEI!

Here are some pics of our whaling adventure! Brooke got some great shots with her little Kodak too!


Paige said...

OHHMYYGODD I love the lasat pick.its so cool.

Paige said...

Last picture*

Susan said...

thanks...it was amazing to watch a 50 tonne animal jump out of the water right next to the boat!

Anonymous said...

Whoa.... That last pictures looks pretty huge..

I've been trying for the past 2 summers to go whale watching but we haven't yet D'=


Susan said...

We went whale watching last year in Quebec, whish isn't too far away..maybe mom will take you there? If you want details, let me know!

Anonymous said...

I can tell her about going to Quebec. She's into French so.. I don't know that might help!