July 28, 2008


Today we headed to Cavendish, the home of Anne of Green Gables--we weren't all that interested in going there, but since it's her 100th year anniversary, we thought we should...

We went to a place called Avonlea, which is a pioneer village of sorts, highlighting life back in Anne's time....It is similar to Upper Canada Village or Lang Pioneer Village, but a lot MORE expensive! None of us were overly impressed and we only stayed there a couple of hours.

We also went to Cavendish beach(es) while there. We did alot of beachcombing and found sea shells and rocks. The girls also poked the washed-up jellyfish and liked watching the live ones swim around.

We then headed to Summerside where we planned to stay the night. We got a suite at the Quality Inn and it's great to have some extra room for a change. We have a skylight, a fireplace and two TVs, so the girls are in heaven.

We headed down to the Summerside Harbour for supper, walking along the boardwalk and checking out the shops.

We are now back at the hotel and the gang are swimming and I'm doing my usual blog stuff.

I will say that the Maritimes have amazing scenery. My head has been on a swivel every time we are driving, so I don't miss anything and my camera is in my lap the whole time too!

I've been shooting at least 300 pictures per day! Kevin's hard drive will be filling up fast! I also brought my external hard drive and have been faithfully backing up my pictures every day too!

Here are today's offerings:

1st---Some buildings at the Avonlea Village

2nd--Brooke, Kevin and Keturah playing with the stilts (it was hilarious)

3rd--Molly and Maggie who pull the wagon ride at Avonlea (me and my horses!)

4th--Brooke and Keturah checking out the red sand layers on Cavendish beach

5th---Orby Head Cove where the Cormorants hang out (I'm guessing!)

6th---Summerside Harbour

I'm not sure where we are headed tomorrow, but every day has been an adventure!


Paige said...

hey did anyone walk on the stilts without falling off?

Sue said...

Kevin walked the longest--a few feet only---apparently he used to do that when he was younger and that was his only entertainment, you know before TV? haha

Brooke did a few steps too and Keturah did well when Kevin helped her...

It was funny to watch them...

Paige said...

haha,sounds fun.