July 27, 2008

World Travellers?

Well, Canadian travellers anyway...Today we drove thru 3 provinces...Yep, we started in Nova Scotia, went thru a part of New Brunswick and ended up here in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

We started driving and noticed a provincial wildlife park in Nova Scotia, so we stopped and visited it...It was in Shubenacadie. Most of the animals there have been rehabilitated and can no longer live in the wild. We saw quite a selection. The only complaint, is that it was 33 degrees with the humidity!

After lunch nearby, we got on the road for a few hours and ended up here in Charlottetown at another Super8 Hotel.

We headed downtown Charlottetown and toured the habour and yep, even braved another boat cruise...this was a mild one, along the harbour. It was very peaceful and relaxing and we learned alot about Charlottetown too along the way!

We grabbed some veggie burgers at Harveys (well, the girls and I did, Kevin has to have his cow!) and came back to the hotel so the girls and Kevin could go swimming...me, I'm just looking through my pictures and updating this blog!

Here are some pics from the last couple of days...

1st & 2nd-pictures of the balancing rock---it was about 2km from the road and a nice hike, but then there were 230 stairs to go down...Not bad, until we had to climb back up them!

3rd & 4th-pictures from Upper Clements Wildlife Park where we went yesterday--a cute racoon and a sheep

5th-is from the Provincial Wildlife Park we went to today-it's a woodpecker that we saw in the tree

6th & 7th-pictures of the Charlottetown harbour and the boat we took a cruise on.


Paige said...

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!

Brookie said...

Hi Paige!

We are having lots of fun. Today we walked on the red beaches of PEI. And and I found a polka dotted and a cow rock.

We made faces on the jelly fish lol.

Paige said...

hahaha lol.thats awesome!