July 19, 2008

They Shoot, They Score...

They WIN! Brookie's team FINALLY won a game this past Wednesday! They beat Gray's IDA with a score of 6-4, must have been their new coach!

Today, we are off to the farm and then we will be busy getting ready for our trip---tomorrow we head off to Toronto before flying out on Monday morning...can't believe it's holiday time already (FINALLY)!

I will try to post some pics while travelling, but no guarantees. I do plan to keep a journal, like I did last year when we went to Disney, but whether I'll have time to post it on here, will be another thing! I think we'll be equally as busy down East!

We don't have too many things planned, just, three days in Halifax and 2 nights at Brier Island (Nature preseve) with hiking and a whale watching cruise. The rest of the time, we will be just going with the flow and hoping we can find accommodation along the way...hopefully, the car will be comfy in case we have to sleep in it! HA!

Everyone has been telling us where to go and what to visit, but I think we'd have to move there in order to see everything we've been told or that we want, but we'll do our best in the two weeks we have!

Now, on to today's pics..these are some pics of Brookie...I still have a hard time with action shots. I had some good ones, but they had other kids in them, so I didn't want to post them on here, so I just tried to find some of Brookie by herself.


Anonymous said...

HI!!! It's Shadyn!!

I realllly like your pictures and I'm waiting for more!

Tell Brooke (honey) that I miss her!

Susan said...


She's right here with me in Halifax and she misses you too. (And Paige if she reads these)

Take care!