July 12, 2008

A Mission!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, Wed night I had to run some errands and Thursday night I had to work---yep, taking pictures at a graduation for my work....It was okay, but I definitely prefer nature/wildlife photography to people/portraits, but, it was a good learning experience for me! Yesterday afternoon, I was off work, so we went shopping and Dad bought us girls, the Guitar Hero--Aerosmith Version, so I spent a few hours playing last night and earning some cash to buy more songs...anyway, I got my highest score yet on Medium Level---yep, got 81% of the notes---yeah me!

Anyway, today I was on a mission at the farm during riding lessons...My friend, Melissa, who is a very talented artist and fellow-photographer, wanted me to take some headshots of the horses, since she knows we are there every Sat...so I hope one of these works for you Mel! If not, you'll have to come with me next Saturday morning and take your own!

And, of course, the horses weren't too cooperative when you want a certain shot, but I got a few that I liked anyway! The last one is my fave of the foal, Casey. He's so cute!

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