July 7, 2008

The Countdown is on...

I can't believe it's only 2 weeks until we leave for Halifax...The only downside is we are flying there...haha--Just kidding! We have to fly out at 6:20am in the morning---yikes, I can see no sleep for any of us that night. We are staying in a hotel in TO for the night so it will save us some time. We have rented a car to drive around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and where ever else we may end up. We will stay overnight in Halifax for a couple of nights too. I know the two weeks will go by way too fast and I'll be dreading coming back to work (I'm already dreading it!)

Here are some pics of scenery/landscapes:

1st pic-is of the Lake on the Mountain
2nd pic-Glenora Fishery where the ferry docks on the Picton side
3rd pic-a pic of the Ferry boat through the trees (from the mountain)
4th pic-a couple of birds sitting on an old tree
5th pic-a view of a tree at the Adolphustown Ferry Dock
6th pic-a view of the Ferry taken from the mountain

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