July 23, 2008

Much Better...

Today's weather was much, much better...It started out cloudy, but by afternoon, we were complaining about the heat and humidity. We visited Lunenburg (1st picture below) and toured the Fishery Museum, wharf and went on a horse-drawn carriage ride of the town too! Lots of fun!

We then headed to Digby, about 2 hour drive and a bit boring drive as well--not much to look at, but I did notice an Osprey Nest up on a Hydro Pole (2nd picture). He was so cute.

3rd pic is that of the Digby Harbour, where we were walking around after yet another seafood supper (well Kevin and Keturah anyway)!

4th pic is the hotel where we are staying...it's called "The Pine's Golf Resort"...It's pretty fancy and a little expensive, but when we saw it from Digby harbour, up on the hill, we had to see how overly priced it was...Not too bad and we're enjoying it so far!


paige said...

i love that picture of the bird!

Susan said...

thanks Paige! He was making funny noises, trying to scare us off, but he was soo high up, he didn't need to worry!

See you soon!

paIGE said...

omg that sounds cool