June 30, 2008

Ottawa Trip

How come long weekends are so short? It doesn't make sense!!! Well, they aren't too short, they just go by way too fast. The girls and I headed to Ottawa on Friday after work to visit our friends (and Godparents to B and K), Anne and Fred. Our mission this time was to visit the spa--with our gift certificates from Anne and Fred! (THANK YOU!) We went on Saturday afternoon to the Brookstreet Hotel Spa. It was very, very nice! Brooke and Keturah had manicures done and Anne and I had pedicures with an awesome, relaxing foot massage---I could have stayed there all day! I could definitely get used to this!

Here are some pics of our visit there:
1st-Anne and Keturah enjoying a coffee before our treatments.
2nd-Brooke and Keturah letting their nails dry after their manicures.
3rd-Keturah showing off her bright red nails.
4th-Brooke relaxing in the lounge after our treatments.
5th-Anne, Brooke and Keturah relaxing afterwards and letting their nails dry.

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