June 14, 2008


Kevin and I had a couple of hours to kill last night (without kids), so we went for a hike at the Napanee river again and BINGO---I finally got close enough to take pictures of the baby geese, well, they are more toddlers than babies now, but I've been trying to shoot them for about 3 weeks and they keep alluding me!!! They seem to always be out when I don't have my camera on me, but last night they were right in the parking lot, where we parked and then of course, they were leery of us, so they headed to the water! So, here are some of my favourite shots of them. There were 22 babies and about 6 adults.
I also got lots more of the heron who was out fishing again and some more baby duck ones, which I'll put on sometime soon. Another 500 shot night!

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