June 11, 2008

A Few Shots from the Weekend!

Here are a variety of shots from last weekend. The first one is a shot of a baby robin---fell out of the nest along the boardwalk in Napanee...The nest was high up in the tree, so we couldn't get him back up there, without an extension ladder anyway!---I doubt he'll survive...He's so cute though. The next picture is another one of the waterfall--every time I take a picture of it, it's a different viewpoint...I like it! The last shot is a family pic of us on the Glenora Ferry, where we went on Sunday---over to Lake on the Mountain for a nice cool adult beverage at the Inn. One of the Ferry Workers offered to take this pic of us. At first I said no, because I'M THE PHOTOGRAPHER, but then I said ok, why not?

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