June 22, 2008

Wildlife at Presquile

Well, it started out pretty cloudy, but we thought we'd risk it anyway and go hiking at Presquile, so we packed up the camera equipment, kids and some snacks and off we went...After what seemed like two hours (we took Hwy#2---got to get good gas mileage you know?) we got to Presquile and like creatures of habit, we visited all the same places we visited last time we went, when we didn't have much luck seeing any wildlife (in April). We did see a few more things and I got a few pics of landscapes and the lighthouses, etc, but I'll save those for later this week.

Here are some wildlife shots that I took:

1st/2nd pic: Swans flying overhead
3rd pic: a seagull standing on the roof, on one foot
4th pic: Keturah, Kevin and Brooke
5th pic: yellow warbler (I think)
6th pic: bumblebee on flower
7th pic: butterfly on flower
8th pic: frog on a log

We then stopped in Belleville and hiked around the mall, ate at East Side Marios and just got home a few minutes ago...I'd like to close my eyes about now, but need to make lunches, finish laundry and answer some emails. Good Night!

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