February 4, 2014

More Alligators!

Welcome Back!

Wow, I can't believe how many different alligator shots I have! You probably noticed they mostly lay around in the photos. They do that to soak up the sun, which they need for energy. They don't eat from Mid-October until Mid-April, so when we are there in March, this is what we see! We do see them swimming or floating and sometimes walking, but they pretty much just soak up the sun--what a life! 

During the hot summer months, the hotter sun helps with their digestion and they start feeding them. Did you know they eat 50-60 lbs of meat each year? During the summer months they have a feeding show that you get to watch. I've seen a similar show in Florida at an alligator zoo there..it's pretty gross (being a non-meat eater)!

Well, this week has been quiet so far! We made it to Waterloo on Sunday! It was slushy in spots on the 401 and we saw a few accidents, but got there and took Brooke out to do some shopping and for a nice birthday dinner at Johnny Rocco's. It was pretty good! 

Kevin is home sick with a head cold today, so I'm hoping I don't get it...I do have a headache but I'm hoping it goes away and doesn't turn into the cold...I'm trying to avoid him as much as possible! :-)

 A couple of appointments this week for my car (today) and for my Uncle. There's a Job Fair in Kingston tomorrow that I was going to attend, but we're suppose to get snow AGAIN--I think we've had enough already!!!

More later this week....

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