February 25, 2014

Alligator Adventure: More Alligators!

Welcome Back!

This week I have more alligator shots...I think one more week of them and then I'll be done...just in time to head back there for a visit...this time they have wolves and red kangaroos on display, so that should be interesting--something new to shoot.

Well, I managed to get some homework done on Saturday, still have a couple of lessons to do then the exam! Have to get it submitted by the time I leave for March Break! We took Brooke to the train on Sunday and she left for a few more weeks! She'll soon be home for the summer! Yay!

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of sitting at the Dodge dealer for 4 hours for scheduled maintenance for Kevin's van! Lots of fun---not! Oh well, at least I have lots of reading material to take with me! :-) Zeek has a hair appointment on Thursday, so I'll be home alone all afternoon, without a small dog on my lap--whatever will I do without him! At least he'll be ready for the beach!

More later this week!

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