February 7, 2014

Alligator Adventure: Birds

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some birds shots from the Alligator Adventure. These include the macaws, some pretty swans and a couple of duck pictures. I have a bunch more of the ducks and small birds, so I'll highlight them some time soon as well...next week- more alligators!

Well, I can't believe it is Friday already! Time sure flies! I got some good news yesterday, my Uncle can move to a nursing home closer to us..to Friendly Manor in Deseronto..so that is a big relief.  I had a meeting in Westlake yesterday and it took me 55 mins both ways for a 10 minute meeting! SIGH..Oh well, I had a short visit with my Uncle until it started snowing, so I headed home. I'll see him this weekend again to get him packed up and ready to move on Monday!

Well, finally a weekend with no scheduled snowfall or snowstorm! YAY! Now, what to do?

Enjoy your weekend!

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